Meet our team

Who we are, what we do, and how that relates to cats...

Jared Ingold

Owner, doesn’t own cats

Daniel Jewett

Designer, draws cats

Derick Petersen

Shop Manager, feeds cats

Joseph Neal

Printmaker, prints cats

Kyle Williams

Printmaker, prints on cats

Bailey Hunt

Printmaker, puts ink on cats

More Than a Typical Printshop

discover our unique design & print capabilities

"Design comes first and great printing follows. Our goal is to be the perfect relationship between the two."


You can’t make great prints without great art. Our name, The Art Press was created to make sure that art always comes first in our processs. Our in-house designs start with creativity and a pencil, and are completed with a deep knowledge of print.


We developed our unique print style by diving deeper and deeper into the art of printing. Our desire to get the most out of colors, look, and feel pushed this along and many have taken notice. Some shops may offer water based printing, but at The Art Press, it’s just what we do.


Starting as the clothing brand Vardagen, our experiences go beyond design, print, and manufacturing. We build and operate retail locations, make wholesale deals with international companies and manage ecommerce sites and fulfillment.

We print for some of the best companies around

We’ve designed and printed for more than 1000 clients, here’s a small sample of the great people we work for



We’d love to help you with any of the following:


We focus on designs for print, but depending on the project we can help with branding as well


We offer waterbased, discharge, plastisol, gold foil, transfers, pad printing, and more


We can make banners and wide format prints of almost any size and for almost any use.


We can make custom full color, die cut stickers in matte or gloss finish…. all done in -house

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